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At a Glance

  • High-intensity interactive online course;
  • Jump-start your network automation career;
  • Hands-on experience working on a solution to your own problem;
  • 9 module course spread across ~3 months;
  • Live discussion and guest speaker sessions;
  • Design and coding assignments and group work;
  • Final course completion certificate.

Guest speakers presenting in live course sessions described numerous interesting network automation tools. While the examples in this course usually use Ansible, don’t limit yourself to a single tool. After mastering it, start exploring the alternatives - they might be a better fit for your next challenge.

Guest speakers

Autumn 2018

David Barroso will demonstrate Nornir: a pluggable multi-threaded framework with inventory management that makes it easier to operate a collections of devices with tons of data than server-focused tools like Ansible. Nornir abstracts the complexity of dealing with data and multithreading so you can focus on solving your automation needs whichever they are.

We will learn how easy it is to write Nornir code even if you're not proficient with Python, how easy it is to integrate with other frameworks like flask or click, and how to leverage your text editor features for autocompletion, easy access to documentation, or even debugging and troubleshooting. As always - all through hands-on examples :)

More about David

Previous Sessions

The following guest speakers talked about network automation tools:

  • Scott Lowe introduced Git and GitHub;
  • Pete Lumbis explained how you can do continuous integration with GitLab CI;
  • Jeremy Stretch described NetBox - a network-focused IPAM/CMDB system;
  • Mitja Robas presented how you can use Chef (and to a lesser extent Puppet) for network automation;
  • Mircea Ulinic talked about network automation with Salt;

Self-study materials

You'll find the presentations describing various network automation tools in module nine of the online course.

Recordings of Live Sessions