Network Infrastructure as Code

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At a Glance

  • High-intensity interactive online course;
  • Jump-start your network automation career;
  • Hands-on experience working on a solution to your own problem;
  • 9 module course spread across ~3 months;
  • Live discussion and guest speaker sessions;
  • Design and coding assignments and group work;
  • Final course completion certificate.

In this module we’ll discuss an interesting take on network automation: treating network infrastructure as code and using software development techniques to manage it.

The introductory part of this module will be part of the Autumn 2018 live course, in the meantime please enjoy a real-life case study presented by Mark Prior in Spring 2018 course.

Guest speakers

The guest speakers in this module include:

Autumn 2018

In their presentation, Carly Stoughton and JP Senior will go deep into intent-based networking technology and cover data models, validations, graph database queries, jinja rendering and how abstraction removes the heavy lifting in terms of distributed state management, change management and real time notifications. They’ll illustrate these concept by providing a simple-to-use deployment automation and ongoing analytics of one of the most complex data center technologies - multi-vendor EVPN control plane using VXLAN encapsulation.

More about Carly

Spring 2018

Mark Prior started the Spring 2018 course describing his network automation journey, and the automation projects. He also described his take on network infrastructure as code and the solution he used in a production-grade private cloud deployment.

More about Mark

Self-study materials

The materials in this module describe the principles of network infrastructure as code and a real-life case study.

To understand them you should watch at least these sections from previous modules:

Recordings of live sessions