Frequently-Asked Questions

From Building Network Automation Solutions

At a Glance

  • High-intensity interactive online course;
  • Jump-start your network automation career;
  • Hands-on experience working on a solution to your own problem;
  • 9 module course spread across ~3 months;
  • Live discussion and guest speaker sessions;
  • Design and coding assignments and group work;
  • Final course completion certificate.

Q: What tools/platforms are going to be supported?

A: We’ll focus on building your own solution instead of deploying a humongous $vendor platform, and we’ll use Ansible as that’s what most networking engineers prefer these days.

Q: What open-source frameworks are going to be covered?

A: Ansible will be our core tool, but you’ll also have to get somewhat fluent in using Git. We’ll definitely use NAPALM Ansible modules, and we might plug in a few more if needed.

Q: What about Puppet/Chef/Salt/whatever platform that my company uses? Will that be covered?

A: We’ll mention Puppet and Chef, use cases where they make perfect sense, and reasons why you might want to use Ansible for generic automation tasks.

Q: What vendors will be covered? We’re a big $vendor shop. Will this course still be useful?

A: Yes. My existing examples work on Cisco IOS, Nexus-OS, Junos, and Arista EOS, but of course you can work with devices from your preferred vendor as long as you can connect to them somehow.

Q: Do I HAVE to finish it in the 6 weeks?

A: No. After all, it’s you working on acquiring new skills, and you know best how fast you can proceed. However, a few weeks after the course I’ll send out the certificates that will say “Joe attended the course” or “Joe attended the course and created a network automation solution that does X” ;)